Changes to my 120 gallon Reef

February 4, 2002 Front View- Looking Good

February 5, 2002 End View- Looking Good

February 9, 2002 Front View- Looking Different

February 9, 2002 End View - Looking Different

February 6th 2002 - The precariously balanced rocks at the top of the tank decided to take a tumble. I wanted to restack the rocks back the way they were. Monica wanted to rearrange the living room furniture. We compromised and rearranged the tank instead. We (Monica), wanted a more "Open" look like the one in Leroy's office at GARF.

The picture to the right was after most of the tumbling tower was removed.

Rearranged tank with "Open" look.

Well, as you can see in the picture to the left, most of the rock is placed where we (Monica) wanted them. However, to prevent a future "Precariously balanced tower of potentially tumbling rocks", I used three tubes of super glue gluing it together. This left me with nothing to mount the corals. So now they are sitting where ever we could find room. I will get more glue tomorrow and mount the corals.

The water is still cloudy from all the rearranging and it will look "Open" with the corals mounted.

11 o'clock at night. Almost all the corals are mounted and only one of the Capnella corals will need a new home.

Took nearly 14 oz of glue by the time I was done but everything is starting to shape up. Click for larger image where the glue is everywhere.


Some things did not go as well as I would have liked. Here is a list of things that went wrong:

  1. A beautiful Montipora is now in more peices than I wanted. It is a very fragile coral to handle. I was able to glue the broken peices next to the mother colony. This coral started out as 3 dime size peices that grew to gether as one.

  2. Since I ran out of glue on the first night, I had to place many of the corals on the bottom of the tank.

  3. Unfortunately, during the night, I sat my baby blue tip acrapora too close to another coral which stung it. Hopefully it will recover. I have fragged it into about 10 peices to isolate the bad areas.



Some things went better than expected. Here is that list:

  1. I was able to glue my largest acrapora (right side in the above picture) in place without fragging it. The peice of aragocrete I mounted it to had a large hole. Filled the hole with glue, put glue on the botton of the coral, and stuffed it in the hole. After a few seconds it was standing on it's own.

  2. There is much more room for the corals to grow. With the old layout I was at the point of having to trim the corals to keep them away from each other.

  3. The third, and most important, Monica and I are still happily married. Although I think our children were wondering by 11pm on Wednesday!