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August 13, 2018
Good Afternoon Everyone! 
Samantha welcoming you back to the wonderful website. We have some awesome exciting things on facebook right now, so please go check it out! Sally Jo is constantly finding ways to improve the business and coming up with new products to introduce! Visit the Garf Store below to see our amazing products, or email us at pollywog@cableone.net. We would be happy to assist you. Also, it is important to note that we no longer take orders via the phone. It has been a debate on if this route would be the best way to go. At this time we would like to be able to provide the best quality of customer service we can. We've dropped too many phones in the tanks over the years that it is safer for the tanks if we simply provide the best possible customer service via Facebook and email.  Thank you for your understanding. Our tanks appreciate it!

Hope to hear from you all soon!





Hello GARF friends and family. Please check out our newly designed store page. This is still being updated, but everything that we currently have for sale is located on this page. Please click the button above to take you to our newly designed store. Also, I know that I broke some of the buttons down below. Please be patient as I get these updated and moved to the new store page. Thank you for your patience. If you find a button down below, or on our store page, and you would like to order it, please email us exactly what you would like and we will be happy to get you an invoice sent out. We look forward to hearing from you! ~ Samantha

October 16, 2016

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha. I am happy to be working with Sally Jo on the website. We have a few plans in mind, but are working tirelessly to make everything work better. For now, we want you to continue using the buttons here, but also check out the Facebook page. GARF Facebook page We are posting new items there for the time being, and will also continue to update you here on our progress of the website.

Please hang in there as we make changes to the website, and continue to update you on the progress as we go along. It will be a time consuming, and lengthy process, but please know changes are in the works, and we will do everything we can to answer questions in the meantime.

We thank you for your continued support throughout the years, and we hope that you will continue to support our mission in years to come. We are always available via email at Pollywog@cableone.net , as well as Facebook. Have a beautiful day!

purple acropora in Sally Jo's reef aquarium

Hi! This is Sally Jo Headlee, I am so excited, and humbled as to how much work is ahead of me to try and make our website more user friendly, to share new projects, updates, and specials. I am finally rolling up my sleeves and putting my saltwater hands to work, and bringing GARF's website back to all of our followers who have made us known throughout this incredible hobby.

Please bear with us, as we work on updating the website. All of the information on our site is so vitally important that is hard to figure out where to begin, so we have decided to keep all of the data, projects, and research on the site, get rid of the duplicate information, edit and continually share new products as well as projects as they come about. Come back and visit us often as you will see the new website unfolding.

I pledge to work as hard, as fast, and nonstop to learn all I can about updating the website.

I have so much to share, as the miracles of life Mother Nature blesses GARF with each day continue to unfold.

Meanwhile, we need for you to push these pay pal buttons to help support our efforts so that the treasure chest full of answers, and questions yet to be asked will continue to grow. The grunge, the rock, the bugs, the corals, the janitors, the mollies, the macro algae, and so much more is still for sale to help support the up keep, operational expenses, and mission of GARF

It is hard for us to believe that GARF was just a dream 19 years ago. We had no idea how far we would come, how many friends we would make, how many lives we would touch, nor how much research we would accomplish. The one thing however that we never forget is that we could never have come this far without each and every one of you.

With LeRoy's passing the journey has been long, difficult, saddened, and painful. I pinch myself every day and remind myself this is what LeRoy would want us to do. Strive to be the voice for these amazing animals, share information, and express the passion for our captive reefs. The goal line and our mission is what keep us going no matter how hard the journey is.

The more people who learn about the reefs or how our lives are impacted by them the more chances we have to educate someone who can join our voices and do one simple thing to help sustain our wild reefs. When we roll up our sleeves and dust off the blue thumb we also take on huge responsibilities, for they need our daily care. Not only do we need to set aside the time to care for this magical resource we also have to set aside money in our monthly budget. We hope that when you set down and figure out your budget, you pay special attention to your reef tank, for they also need to be cleaned and nurtured so that the life that resides inside can keep growing.

I have to say that there has not been a time at GARF that we have found a tank that we could not bring back to its original beauty. Our snails and hermit crabs go through a very strict training program here and not one of them leaves before they have completed their courses. The hermits are busy dusting off the rock and picking at algae until you cannot see it. The snails go in and out and even under the rock, and they are by far the best glass and plastic cleaner ever. With the snails, what one will eat the other won't, because of sizes and shapes some of the snails can get into places the others cannot. We have selected packages for all tank problems as well as tank sizes. I cannot tell you how important it is to pick the right size package so that you get the results you are hoping for and can sit back and enjoy your tank and watch these amazing janitors do their job.

I hope you will consider adding our salt water mollies. They are such a huge addition to our janitor packages. They never get tired and stay forever busy. All of our hermits and snails are 1.00 each, and at this time I am also offering my salt water mollies at 1.00. If you order them with your janitors the shipping will remain the same. You can push the pay pal button that fits your size of tank, or if you need guidance please email me, and I will be happy to assist.

I am working nonstop trying to learn how to make our site reflect the passion we have for the life that lives under water. This past week has been extremely rewarding and overwhelming to me. Four clutches of angelfish have made it past egg and wiggler. They look like perfect miniatures of mommy and daddy. We shipped out our first test shipments to see how they would do in transport after taking in a huge breath of relief we are proud to report they all made it safely to their destinations. So if you are looking for any healthy, beautiful fresh water angles please let us know.

The Angelfish hatchery is a standing tribute to LeRoy for his passion was collecting and breeding the fish with the perfect name. I would watch LeRoy stand in front of the tanks and look at the angels. I could witness the calmness settle in and no one could wipe away the smile on his face, no matter how tough his day was going. Now I am found looking into the same angels tank with tremendous yearning and wonderment as I reflect back on LeRoy's strength, kindness, brilliance, and compassion.

Soon there will be stories posted on line sharing all of my daily encounters which always seem to bring new challenges, yet an overwhelming compassion for these animals that trust us to find the answers to save their lives. This is when I vow to never give up for their need is much greater then my need and I am beyond grateful to be a voice for their care. GARF's ongoing mission is to reach all the people we can to teach them all that we can about the environment that sustains us. We can no longer take it for granted nor ignore its cry for help. For it was this very cry for help that compelled LeRoy and I to share every single research project we embarked on and pass it on to you with the clear message if I can do it so can you. I still cannot believe that I figured out how to code the web site so that I can manage it, sustain it, and update it.

Also if you want to follow all of the history of GARF click on the dark purple line that signals navigation page for GARF.org (top left side) every adventure is shared in detail and explains how we have continued to accomplish every task encountered. Please visit the store titled welcome to garf.org your orders support our research click on the blue button and you will find the buttons for many of the products that we offer. I am working as hard and at fast as I can so that the store will be much easier to understand and use for it is your purchases that sustain us. Don't forget to hit one of our pay pal buttons for we need your support now more than ever. Brand new rock just arrived for our diversity packages, and it is breathtaking. If you have any room for live rock now is the time to click on those buttons and light them up :) Fantastic bugs, the best macro's, our famous grunge, and the most amazing live rock; I know I will make room.



 Please take a look at our diversity specials as well as our refugium specials. Both specials are a tremendous sale and a box full of diversity and life. In the diversity specials you will have, grunge, bugs, macros, and yes even live rock. All of the products are completely reef safe, and will give your tanks the gift of finding a natural balance. With the refugium specials you will find grunge, bugs, macros, and rubble all adding to the life of your refugium and add a constant flow of life traveling up to the main tank. We have designed each special to fit any size tank you have. These are a bargain and hugely popular. We ship these packages priority mail with the US Post Office to help save money on the cost of shipping and all of them have been arriving at there destination perfectly. If you are interested in ordering one of these two products, Please email us so that we can get you an invoice sent out as I work on updating the buttons. 



Wow,its been quite a while since I have had the time to share my beautiful Xenia with everyone. We have worked extremely hard on sharing in detail everything we know on the care and propagation of these remarkable Xenia. These corals have continued to capture my heart.

please take the time to watch these videos for they will answer all of your questions, and they will probably answer ones that you had not thought of yet. I am very excited to announce that because of my passion for these animals I have brood stock Xenia that have been with me for over 16 years.

I have several babies ready to become your brood stock and provide you with countless years of propagation of many new generations of Xenia that you can share with the general public.

You are on the largest, and one of the very best web pages that can help you have a great reef aquarium. I am sure you will be amazed at how much information we have published since we started in 1995. It is time to get your algae under control, so your reef will be ready to show off this Summer

We have the finest refugium animals and plants and we have put these specials together for you. These products will make your reef aquarium very stable, and the bacteria and micro inverts will feed on the waste from your tank. They also make a great source of food for your reef.

01/02/12 Soft corals are easy to propagate, but there are a few tricks that Continued here

The most important thing we can do is educating and mentoring the children in our lives. Simple things that we see and learn as children can change our lives for the better.

11/22/11 - When I was eight years old I was invited into a neighbor ladies home to see her aquariums. I was hiding from the neighborhood bully in the one place he would never follow me. I was in Ruthie's Iris garden. All of us knew that she was mean and cranky, so we never went into her yard. This was a desperate time and I was more afraid of Gary than her. The story continues on this page. Rock making family project -

The diversity specials have the
best aquacultured live rocks that we can get.
use this link Garf Diversity buttons

12/05/11  Learn how to make a plywood 140 gallon reef tank - save money!


08/29/11 - This is one of my favorite ways to make a reef table. It is one way to use the broken pieces I have left over from breaking so many sculptures by digging them up too soon. The left over pieces are used to make- Learn how on this page - three leg table rocks-

08/21/11  Easy leg table rocks-

We remain dedicated to sharing all of our research with all of you who want to be a part of the growing GARF team. These new projects are not only exciting but they can be so much fun.

12/12/11 Grow Sarcophytons for profit and fun Learn all about leather corals - sarcophyton This is what some of our happy customers have to say about our service and products.  Make your own lights Slide Show #1 Garf.Org - Making Reef Aquarium Lights For Less Money #2

reef aquarium lights garf.org

Today we show you how to make Aragocrete Rocks to mount your corals on

Use this page to purchase the Garf.org PRODUCTS for your reef aquarium.Push these buttons to buy Garf grunge We use many types of grunge in each reef. In the main tank Garf Grunge Original™ is used. In new tanks we use one pound for each 3 gallons. We also use it to revitalize old tanks, and we add one pound for each 5 gallons of water.Garf Grunge Original™ has the worlds best strains of bacteria sponges and micro invertebrates.We have been working for years to build a product that has a very good track record. Many people reorder and seventy percent of our orders are repeat customers. We thank all of them for their support! The Garf Grunge Original™ is the most important one to add when you are starting a new tank. It is a small gravel size, and it is full of very beneficial bacteria, coralline, and micro invertebrates. You do not have to be member of PAYPAL to use the buttons below! The grunge buttons are BUY IT NOW buttons, because each special fills the box. You get the best deal using the buy it now buttons below.


Getting back into the hobby
I decided to get back into the hobby after getting out of it to raise a family. As I started rounding everything up I found a box from garf, which still had the receipt on it. I decided to see what the date was. Aug. 31, 1999. now that I'm slowly getting set up, I have been checking prices and in 12 years garf still hasn't changed their prices. I'm returning to garf, because they were always there for support, awesome corals, making it affordable and of course Leroy and Sally Jo .
Thanks GARF
B. Whitney

04/23/11 Learn how to build aquarium farming tanks. Make three coral farming aquariums and multi-tank stands This is a home school project

M. and D. to leroy
I just wanted to strongly recommend GARF products as a whole, the price and education you guys offer are Unmatched, and your quality always exceeds my expectations. I had originally been concerned as I live in Alaska, but Leroy has gone out of His way to accommodate me and with a little patience we were able to make it work. I wanted to personally thank you, and sally Joe, for all the work you guys do it's incredible. Leroy has also taken time to talk with me addressing any concern I might have, I also will be trying out a experiment as in the summer we have a 20 hour light cycle with low temps wondering if this would create ideal growing conditions for coralline algae. Leroy has been a Blessing to me and their customer service is unmatched by any competitor! I recommend GARF over anyone or any other product thank you so much for all that you do for us and our earth!!!!!!!!!
Wasilla ALASKA

This video shows you Sally Jo's Garf Diversity™ Bag-o-Copepods and explains why you need to add several different types of Copepods to your system.

02/26/12 We have a $100.00 winner - best rock making idea in February
These are great rocks for larger reef aquariums. So elegant and easy to make.

02/01/12 Learn how to make siphons for your coral farm.Videos and text

My tank after 4 months is doing incredible following the methods outlined by GARF

My tank after 4 months is doing incredible following the methods outlined by GARF,
Leroy is the nicest and most helpful person I have ever dealt with,
and the web site is amazing! I have attached some photos

Thank you again

04/13/11 You can see our newest page. Reef aquarium research project .Diversity™ Cleaning the fungus from 36 gallon reef reef #1. You can watch from day one as we bring a reef to life.

Here is one of the emails that touched me today!
I do remember the dial up modems, and you think my pages load slow now:)

show details 9:14 AM (11 hours ago)
04/17/11 Hi guys.

You don't know me at all but I know you. I started following your website at its very early begginings. I was going through my attic the other day and found stuff I printed up in the mid to late 90's in college. I have a whole three leaf binder made up about coral farming from your site. You got me turned on to reefkeeping and coral farming. I was going to University of Rhode Island and studying aquaculture.

I remember consulting frantically looking things up on your website in the wee hours of the morning trying to write papers on the economical and enviromental advantages of raising ornamental fish and invertabrates. And this was before the internets were really cool. A step above a green monitor and a dot matrix printer. When 56k dialup was lighting speed (remember when you clicked on something and had to go make a pot of coffee run to the store cuz you ran out of cream and maybe just maybe when you got back the page would be loaded because it had like 5 pictures).

Anyways I digress. I had four tanks ranging from 55 gals down to 2.5 gals in a 10x10 room. I was raising softies in the 10 gal at the time and perculas in the 55. Lots of great stories about those times but I could go on for hours (including a heater malfunction that cooked the 10gal over a weekend break making the dorm smell like lowtide when I waltzed in on monday).

Anyways I digress, and life got in the way, I no longe

LeRoy is an expert on reef algae control. We will help you get your reef aquarium ready for Spring. If you have red slime, diatoms, or green hair algae we can help you with our healthy, hardy Algae Loving Snails and our Mexican Red Leg Hermit Crabs.

We have placed several new ways for you to purchase Reef Janitors™ and Garf Grunge™ on this page. The original order form allows you to choose the best janitors for you reef aquarium so we can call you to help you finish your order.

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4/25/12 This is a Great page about advanced sps coral propagation

04/27/12 Learn how to grow the Capnella in this weeks soft coral special

02/19/12 Gorgonian advanced propagation and care Easy to grow and easy to market.

Zoanthid farming

This is the garf.org starting an aquarium maintainance company page

Zoanthid farming Learn much more about Zoanthid farming.

Advanced sps propagation Learns about propagating SPS corals

learn how to build a coral farm system. How to make a coral farming reef aquarium

Learn how to build aquarium farming tanks. Make three coral farming aquariums and multi-tank stands

learn about farming Xenia corals Propagate Xenia corals

learn about propagating Mushroom corals Propagate Mushrooms

Learn about propagating Sinularia Propagate branching soft corals.

learn coral farming . Take a visit to a Zoanthid farm.

Use this link to clean your reef and

Red Leg Hermit Crabs

Algae Loving Snails

support our education program

You can always send us E-Mail at: pollywog@cableone.net ! Thank you!!!


Watch this update of Sally Jo's reef challenge # 2. It shows how she is growing so many corals in each reef. We now have 156 tanks here at garf.org so we are busy this winter. Rick's link has last week's videos

6/5/10 - LeRoy's money and time saving "GARF LIGHTS" upgrade plan

You can have a bali Pom Pom Xenia and several fancy Zoanthids and your choice of many more high grade soft corals. These corals ship to you from Idaho, so you know they are hardy!

Q. Why should I consider not using anything from the wild to set up my captive reef system? Sally Jo's Answer

I am posting samples of our 9 childrens books, and I would love to get feed back about the different formats that LeRoy is using. Please call him if you have ideas that might help him with this part of garf's web site

You can have both of the great corals in this image

Sally Jo's spring update 2010. Please see my new letter to our web friends.


 GARF'S - STAY IN SCHOOL BUS - This is our most important project and you can help. GEOTHERMAL AQUACULTURE RESEARCH FOUNDATION




I often say that it is the longest web site home page in the World.