FromUser: Eric Bey
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MessageText: To everyone at GARF,

I just wanted to complain about my aquarium. Since putting
in the Reef Janitors, I don't get to clean and scrub algae much anymore
and I am becoming quite bored. Please quit selling such an
effective product.

Also, I believe you falsely advertised what actually is in the
GARF grunge. I am finding all kinds of new stuff since putting
it in a few months ago. I have coralline algae growing all over
everything and there are all kinds of little critters running
around too. I did not order this extra stuff and would appreciate
it if you would send someone to my house and make my tank ugly

But seriously, you guys have a really great thing going on
there. Glen was really helpful when I ordered and the snails
and crabs are still going at it everyday. The GARF grunge really
made a big mess when I first put it in, but after it settled,
it was really worth the effort.

One question though...those little white dots everywhere are
snail eggs, right? If I take the floss out of my filter, will they
hatch and grow more snails? That would be awesome. Let me know.
Thanks again for all of your help,
Eric Bey

Subject: Answer to question about Nerite eggs
From : LeRoy Headlee - director of research

Thank You so much for the funny E-mail.
The eggs you are finding are from the Nerite snails.
When they hatch they will swim for 4 days.

Nerite larva are great food for the filter feeding corals.
You are right about removing the filter if you want
to raise some of the baby snails.

Subject: Reef Janitors
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 20:50:20 -0500
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I received my Reef Janitors last Thursday. Today is Tuesday. Boy, what a
difference already!

I was concerned at first because the crabs and snails were so cold when
they arrived. I put the bags in the tank to warm the water. After about
15 minutes, the crabs started moving and I put them and the snails in my
tank. It took another 20 minutes or so for the snails to get started.

I have passed along the printouts from the web page to friends who have
marine aquariums. You may be hearing from them as well.
I just wanted to write and express my satisfaction. I hope to utilize your
services again in the future. When I go to a larger tank, I'm interested
in your Bullet Proof system.

Randy Cole

Subject: Answer to question on cold and Reef Janitors
From : LeRoy Headlee - director of research

We have been very happy with the way the reef Janitors survive
both heat and cold. They arrive at their new homes in great shape
almost every time.

We do have a 100% guarantee on all reef Janitor orders.

From: debbie green
Subject: reef janitors

We received our order of reef janitors on March 25th. Let me tell you I
thought this was just another wild idea of my husband's but went along with
it anyway. Those little "critters" are the busiest little things I have ever
seen! I have never seen the tank look so good. We have had such a good time
watching them at work, fighting and changing shells. What a riot!
We just wanted to let you know how much we like your product.

Don & Debbie Green

Subject: Thank You for letter
From : LeRoy Headlee - director of research

We get many letters from our customers
and this one reminds me how much fun it is
to watch the Reef Janitors do their work.

I am certain our choice of reef cleaners
will make YOUR reef keeping more fun!

From: debbie green
Subject: reef janitors

My husband said to tell you that I forgot to mention how clean and crystal
clear our tank now looks. He said thanks for actually selling a product that
does exactly what you said it will do.

What are the little bitty white dots that get on the glass? Do they have

Thanks again,
Don & Debbie Green

Subject: Answer to question eggs from Reef Janitors
From : LeRoy Headlee - director of research

We are very glad your tank is getting so clean.
The eggs you are finding are from the Nerite snails. They will hatch in several days and the larva will be free swimming.

These larva are great food for the filter feeding corals. Some of the baby snails may live and grow in your reef. You will find the baby snails on the glass.

Subject: Janitor kit
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The box arrived safe and sound on Tuesday as you promised. I went home
over lunch and added the Garf Grunge and mixed it with the top layer
of live sand and let it settle in for a few minutes. I turned the pumps
back on and the added the snails and the crabs and went back to work.

When I got home about five hours later they were busy at work.
This tank has been up for about six months and suddenly a couple of weeks
ago, I had this great algae "bloom".

Everything tested great, so I'm not sure what caused the problem.
However my live rock is starting to look good again. These little
critters are literally picking it clean. It is amazing!!! I hope they
keep up the good work, but I'm already wondering... what do I feed them
when all the algae is gone???

Thanks again,
Tom Petersen

Subject: Answer to question on feeding Reef Janitors
From : LeRoy Headlee - director of research

Each reef aquarium goes thru several algae stages when it is first set up.
Your order gives you a stocking rate of one and one half Janitor per gallon,
and you will not have to feed the Janitors.

They will keep the algae out of your reef aquarium.
You will not have to clean the glass because the Nerites are very good at eating Diatoms.

Subject: receipt of janitors

To whom it may concern,
I received the reef janitors in good condition on 4/25/97 Friday.

I would like to thank you for your promptness and honesty about how hard
those little critters work. I acclimated them on Friday upon receiving
them and by Monday it looks as though they cleaned half my marine
aquarium substrate and the snails are working on the glass hardily. It
makes me wonder if there will be enough algae for them later.

Thanks again,
Curt Besel

Subject: Answer to question on feeding Reef Janitors
From : LeRoy Headlee - director of research

I hope you soon have a reef aquarium that
is so clean that you have to feed the hermits
a tiny piece of frozen broccoli each week.

With the stocking rate of one hermit and one snail
per gallon you will not have to feed the Janitors
because they will keep the algae cleaned up.
I have many reefs that are stocked this way
and I do not have to feed them at all.

Date : 5/14/97 To:
From: Ken Wood (by way of Albert Thiel )
Subject: Re: GARF
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This is about the third messsage of the same kind
on our list lauding your products and services.
I am glad to see that my posts generated other
positive responses.

see repost of message below :

I just received an order of Reef Janitors from GARF this afternoon.
Both snails and hermits are in excellent condition and I had nothing
but good experiences in dealing with GARF.

I ordered the package with 41 red-legged hermits and 41 snails.
All seem to have arrived alive and well. The hermits are incredibly
active compared to the few blue-legged hermits I already have in my tank.

Included in this order were two of the new flower anemones that GARF
has just started carrying. One is a cream color, the other a nice burgundy.
These are new products that they haven't started advertising yet.

The package included an instruction sheet on how to best aclimate your
livestock to your tank, as well as information about the species. The
person at GARF who took my order was extremely helpful and arranged
overnight delivery via FedEx to arrive when someone would be here to
receive it. GARF only ships COD and will accept a personal check.

Hope this helps answer some of the questions I've seen recently about
dealing with these people. I won't hesitate to order from them again.

Ken Wood
Springfield, MO

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