MIKIE'S BOTTLE ROCKS - Make your own

GARF's newest rock making project is inspired and described by Mikie the Manatee, and it is shared through the hearts of all who enter the Mermaid and Ocean School.

This weekend Mikie has planned for all the students who attend the Mermaid and Ocean School to clean each others habitat. Trash seemed to be everywhere, especially during the summer months, when the weather starts heating up and school was out for the summer. So many visitors come to play at the beaches, yet they tend to forget to follow some of the most important rules of the beach. Rule one is to leave no trash behind, for plastic bags left unattended fly away in the wind and catch around many of the most cherished birds, fish and corals. This often leads to their early demise.


Mikie decided he was going to recruit not only the students who attend his school, but all the visitors he could plead into rolling up their sleeves and helping with the project. For who in their right mind would not want to spend the day with Mikie the Manatee, Chloe the most beautiful mermaid, Amity the growing sea turtle, and all other classmates.

The goal for this event is to take away some of the stress that pollution is causing in the ocean environment by picking up all trash that was left behind. It is equally important to teach all who enter our precious beaches that we all have a responsibility to protect them, guard them and keep them safe for all who want to play in this magical outdoor classroom known as our wild reefs.


Mikie was delighted to see how many recruits volunteered to help and actually showed up to assist. From far above it looked like ants busy at work cleaning, clearing and sprucing up the neighborhood. In no time at all piles and piles of trash were collected and bagged up so it could be disposed of properly.

As all the volunteers gathered the trash they could not believe their eyes, for they found fishing nets, oars, fishing line, hooks, bottles, cans, suntan lotion, glasses, diapers, food and so much more.

Mikie was saddened to see how little pride people showed when recreating in his fantastic backyard. He was surprised to see rocks turned over the wrong way. The creatures who lived under the rock are now exposed to direct sunlight and left to die such a needless death.


Mikie noticed the pathway of destruction as the tide was rising over the sand beaches that were full of human activity the day before. The water was picking up any left over items, and it was releasing the trash into our ocean currents. Mikie was watching the tides bring the trash back and forth, he was thinking this is such a waste. All of a sudden Mikie screamed at the top of his lungs!

All of the students came running as fast as they could to find out what could have happen to their beloved leader. Chloe the most beautiful and bright mermaid asked Mikie What happened are you OK, and why did you scream.

Mikie replied with great glee. You know I just had the biggest epiphany. Have you ever heard the saying that one man's trash is another man's treasures. Look at all the treasures we just collected today. We could recycle all the cans and plastic bottles. We could even start our very first lost and found booth.

Mikie then grabbed Chloe by the arm and yelled "Oh my gosh look at all the plastic!" Mikie reminded Chloe that when they started their very first rook farm the one ingredient they had a very hard time finding was the plastic shavings.

As Chloe began to grasp this idea she replied we can make bottle rocks. Oh how the fish and Octopus will love hiding in them. Mikie went on to say we can use plastic bags so that each rock has at least one bag mixed in the cement which will make the rock stay together better and help it keep its form.


We can make shelves and ledges with all the different types of plastic shapes that are left behind after the visitors leave the beaches and go back to their own homes. The whole chorus of volunteers shouted we will be saving countless fish, corals, and invertebrates lifes by cleaning all the trash and using it to create new life.

Mikie was so excited the whole classroom decided to make their very first bottle rocks during their lunch break. The students brains were flowing with new ides, as the first rocks began to form. The hearts and souls of each student was beating with such joy as they all realized that working together on this project will help save the wild reefs even if it is one bottle rock at a time

Mikie declared, I am so proud to be a part of this team. We are dedicated to finding new fun and successful ways to interact with our oceans. We can do this best while teaching all who will listen the do's and don'ts along the way.

As Mikie and the other volunteers created new rocks, Molly the teacher and Grandmother Manatee formed ideas on how to design recycling bins and make it fun and rewarding for the public to get involved. People will think twice before just leaving trash for others to pick up. Children will frown at their Moms and Dads, if trash is left behind. We must remember the Oceans are everyone's backyard.

All of a sudden Molly screamed with excitement! All the volunteers came running to find out what in the World Molly was screaming about. Molly shouted, I just had an epiphany. We can teach our rock making projects to all who visit our homes. This way visitors witness first hand the positive impact this project carries. We can teach them important rules to follow while visiting our oceans. This will make their visit rewarding, and make them understand that this is our home. We love sharing it with everyone, for it will take everyone to help us save this resource.


When each person makes their very first rock, they can either take it home to start their very own captive reef tank, or they can add it to our reseeding the reef rock beds projects. Today is the best time to start, for if we all work together to save this Planet we will win this battle. If we choose to wait for our neighbors, our friends, or our Government it will simply be too late. It is our hope that when we pass from this World we leave only the smallest of footprints, yet leave huge hearts, brave souls, and growing brains dedicated to preserving the environment for many generations to come.