Taking Pictures of my Reef with the Kodak DC-240 Camera

Howdy folks,

My name is Scott Morell.  A couple of years ago I bought a Kodak DC-240 digital camera. It took a long time for me to figure out how to use it to take decent pictures of my reef.  Usually the images were washed out and did not look like the real thing at all.

Below are some pages that I have put together that show the different things that can effect your images.  These were taken with my camera and I hope you may get some use out the information.

All of the images, in the pages below, are of the end view of my tank.  I set up a tripod and attached my laptop to the camera so I could remotely take the picture of the same view over and over.  Connecting remotely also me to make changes to the camera's settings and take pictures without moving it.

DC240 Capture Settings

Image Quality    
White Balance     


DC240 Camera Settings

AE Metering  

Effect on images with different lighting combinations

It always amazes me when people accuse GARF of color enhancing their pictures.  Having spent a lot of time at GARF I can tell you the pictures do not do the tanks justice.  Sally Jo has almost perfected the art of taking photos of the tanks.  I got to playing around doing my own experments on my tank at home to see how much the lighting plays a part in the color of an image.  Other than dropping 2 end caps into the tank things went pretty well .  Below are the resulting images.  Keep in mind my tank does not look as good as most of GARF's tanks and the colors in mine are not nearly as vivid.

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Changing Actinic white   
Changing Actininc Blue 
Changing Actinic White & Blue