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 Evaporation Calculator

by Scott Morell

Have you ever gone on vacation and had problems with the tank sitter not adding makeup water? One time, a couple of years ago, when I got back from vacation, the tank's water level was 2 inches lower than I ever let it get. I made the mistake of replacing all the water at once. By doing this I changed the salinity of the tank very rapidly and lost every starfish in the tank. Luckily that is all that I lost.

This is a calculator GARF created that will estimate salinity changes due to evaporation and/or the addition of fresh water to makeup for evaporation.

Calculate Salinity due to Evaporation
Calculate Salinity due to addition of Makeup water

System Water Capacity
Amount of Makeup water
Gallons Liters
Enter either Salinity or Specific Gravity *

Salinity after adding Makeup water = -1,310.46 ppt
Specific Gravity after adding Makeup water = 0.0164

* Specific Gravity to Salinity calculations base upon an 80F water sample.

Please send Leroy an e-mail at leroy@garf.org if you have any questions!

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