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 Building Your Own Aquarium Stand For Tanks 10 to 125 Gallons

Here is a calculator that Zech Wendt and Scott Morell are developing to assist you in building your own aquarium stand for standard sized tanks 10 to 125 gallons. The construction of these stands is very similar to the stands you would purchase in a pet store. Just select the size of the tank.  A materials list will be calculated and displayed on the following page along with assembly instructions. If you have a tank that is not listed, please send an e-mail to Scott Morell.

We are also working on a stand calculator for tanks 125 to 500 gallons based off of Zech's new tank stand. These stands will easily be able to handle the extra weight of the larger tanks due to the construction of 2-1/4" thick beams made from laminating plywood.

Here is a High Profile DIY Canopy Calculator

Construct these stands at your own risk. The authors and GARF will not be responsible for any damage or injury caused by improper construction of the stands. The combination of wood and water can lead to serious consequences, so please use common sense or consult a professional carpenter if you do not have the proper experience.

Since the length and width of tanks vary between manufactures, the tank may not match the standard sixes exactly, please enter the different between the actual size and "Standard" size. For example my 120 gallon tall, is 1/4" longer than the 60" listed by Perfecto...
Length Offset
1/4" increments up to 6"
Width Offset
1/4" increments up to 6"
Stand Height
1" increments
No Top
Plywood Top
Number of Door Openings

General rule of thumb for number of doors for the length
20" to 36" - 1 door
36" to 48" - 2 doors
49" to 72" - 3 doors 73" to 96" - 4 doors

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