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GARF's Share your reef project

Hello, This LeRoy and I am getting over the stroke I had last Summer. I am glad to be back at work teaching everyone to support garf's Zero Impact reef keeping.

We teach people how to make live rocks at home. The greatest impact we have seen on the young folks is when they have the chance to make a live rock set that spells their name. is continuing our education programs with a new project for youngsters everywhere who are lucky enough to know a reef keeper.

The most important thing we can do is educating and mentoring the children in our lives. Simple things that we see and learn as children can change our lives for the better. When I was eight years old I was invited into a neighbor ladies home to see her aquariums. I was hiding from the neighborhood bully in the one place he would never follow me. I was in Ruthie's Iris garden. All of us knew that she was mean and cranky, so we never went into her yard. This was a desperate time and I was more afraid of Gary than her. P3100089

One of the ways that you can promote your rocks is to volunteer to make the stores that you're selling the rocks to name in rock. Put it in a 125 or larger reef aquarium and attach corals to it. As it grows Coralline algae and corals, people will realize that they really can grow their own live rock by buying your reef sculptures.

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