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Marsha's Awesome 20 Gallon Reef

Tank: 20 gallon glass tank established November 2002. Custom stand decorated by Marsha.
Fishes: Two percula clowns

Stony Corals: Acropora, Montipora, Hydnaphora, Caulastrea, and Montastrea.

Soft Corals: Sinularia, Anthelia, Xenia, Sarcophyton, Zoanthids, and star polyps

Other Livestock: Hermit crabs, and snails.

Filtration: Approximately 20 lbs of GARF's Aragocrete seeded with GARF grunge. A BakPak II provides the protein skimming. The system has a plenum covered with 4 inches of CaribSea Sea Flor Special Grade sand.

Lighting: VHO lighting using a standard electronic ballast bought at Home Depot.

Water: Distilled water purchased at the grocery store with Instant Ocean salt. Water changes every 2 weeks.

Additives: SeaChem Reef Plus, Reef Builder, Reef Advantage Calcium.

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