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Carey Rule's 55 gallon Reef

Tank – 55 gallon glass established in September 2002. Cabinet made by Rob Rule using design from the GARF website.

Fishes: Yellow tang, two maroon clown fish, six line wrasse, two damsels, mandarin goby, cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, brittle star , cleaner goby

Stony Corals: Acropora, Montipora Digita, Cats Paw, Blue Tip.

Soft Corals: Fox Coral, Capnella, Mushrooms, Hairy Mushrooms, Plate Coral, Zoanthids, Anthelia

Other Livestock: Bubble tip anemones; four clams

Filtration: Approx. 55 lbs. of man made live rock. The system has a 3" deep sand bed with a combination of CaribSea Sea Flor Special Grade sand, and GARF Grunge. The system has a refugium with a DSB, a sump with a plenum, and a BakPak Reef Ready protein skimmer.

Lighting: 2 URI VHO Super Actinic bulbs, 1 URI VHO White Actinics, and 1 URI VHO Aquasun bulbs.

Water: 20 gallon water change evey 3 to 4 weeks using tap water and Instant Ocean salt.

Additives: SeaChem Reef Builder and Advantage calcium in the makeup water to maintain alkalinity and calcium.

Feeding: Golden Pearls, variety of frozen foods(mussels, brine shrimp, squid, algae)

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