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John & Tricia Porter's 120 gallon Reef

Tank – 120 gallon acrylic tank with acrylic sump, oak stand and hood all designed and built by John. This tank was established in August of 2002.

Fishes: Flame Angel, Purple tang, Blue Damsels

Stony Corals: Montipora digita, montipora capricornus, Acropora, Millipora,

Soft Corals: Capnella, sarcophyton, Xenia, green star polyps, zoanthids.

Other Livestock: Turbo snails, hermit crabs, peppermint shrimp, cleaner shrimp, conches

Filtration: Aqua -C Remora EV-120 provides the protein skimming, There is combination of 90 lbs of natural and man-made live rock. The Deep Sand Bed is made from both Aragomax sand and sand from the Salt Lake area.

Lighting: VHO 7 - 46.5" URI flourescent tubes, 2-Icecap ballasts. 4-Blue, 3 white

Water: AquaFx 5 stage RO/DI, auto water top off.

Additives: SeaChem - Reef Builder, Reef Advantage Calcium and Reef Plus.

Feeding: Try to feed daily ~ 1/4 cup, mostly Salmos, Scallops, Brine shrimp, mysis

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