From: "Bradley Marcus"
Subject: Brad's 29 gallon all-garf reef
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 22:30:01 -0400

Hey! Hereís a picture of my 29 gallon reef. All of the rock is manmade from GARF ( 2 large sculptures) except for one small baseball sized live rock upfront.
All corals are from GARF except for an aquacultured squamosa clam (fits great in arch crevice), and a sacrophyton (which I have had for over 10 years and the mother colony is now at garf). The tank is 1.5 years old, but recently had a traumatic move 6 months ago for which some of the corals are only now fully recovered.
The only problem with the tank was a bryopsis algae outbreak, I increased the alkalinity and have added lettuce nudibranchs which has almost eliminated this type of algae. By putting guards on the pumps, I have lost none of the nudibranchs. They have laid egg coils everywhere. I can send a picture of them mating if anyone is interested. I donít have the time to aquaculture them, but from the literature I think it should be pretty easy.

Tank setup

2 VHO 75 watt blues, 2 VHO 75 watt 50/50 (ice cap ballast and URI)
2 aqua-clear 302, 1 aqua-clear 201, all with guard filters and a tsunami wavemaker
CPR back pak skimmer
Digital heater
Salinity 1.021 Temp 78.5 10 percent water changes every week (3 gallons)
Supplements as per Sally Jo

1 purple tang
1 pseudochromis fridiamani
10 lettuce nudibranchs
Garf clean-up crew