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November 5th, 2021

Thank you for stopping by the website. We are currently changing email companies. Our current email provider is no longer providing email service as of the end of November 2021. Our new email address will be Sallyjogarf@gmail.com. It is up and running as of this message. Please feel free to send us an email there to get the email into the contact books, or if you have any further questions. We will be going through the website soon to update all the email addresses, but for now, please know that we have access to both the @cableone.net email and the new email address and all emails will be replied to either way, as well as with instructions to start to send emails to the new email address as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this new change that was completely unexpected. We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you soon. ~ Sally Jo and GARF technical team.

Thank you for stopping by today. We have made some changes to the GARF store. We removed the PayPal buttons and would like it if you were to email us your orders instead of placing orders via any remaining PayPal buttons. We still use PayPal but will invoice you the correct charges, as PayPal isn't allowing us to update the pricing on shipping and handling at the moment. We will be continuing to work on the store in the future, to hopefully bring you an easier way to order than to simply email us; however, right now this is the best way to ensure that you are getting the correct pricing, and not paying more for shipping and handling than necessary!  We are also attempting to ship everything priority. We do love our express boxes, however, they have raised the shipping costs on these boxes, and they are being shipped within the same time frames as the priority boxes are, which makes it rather pointless to ship express anyway. We will still ship express if that is what you want, but please do not get upset with us when you see the pricing on the shipping and handling. 


Thank you!
Sally Jo, and the GARF technical team.

Hello Everyone.

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks to an amazing GARF supporter, we have several of the calculators back in action. Some of the links in the calculators may not work yet, but we are fast in action attempting to find the pathing issues and get them corrected for you. We will continue to bring you updates as we have them. Thank you Tony for assisting the GARF technical team in getting the calculators working again.

We appreciate your business. Please feel free to email us with order questions. We would prefer you to email us your orders. We do still take orders both ways and will continue to ship them out. We have more information and packages than what's available on the website via email. We are working on getting a better order system in place, but again, with the website being coded in 2002, it is difficult to make changes until we can completely upgrade the website to a more user-friendly website. This process has not been easy, as with the calculators, one change can make an entire portion of the website unusable and information lost. We are being extremely careful to not lose any more data and information than we already have.

Also, thank you everyone for your inquiry's on assisting with fixing and updating the website. We have an amazingly awesome technical team already that is working their hardest on getting things changed around. We appreciate the offers, but at this time are not looking for additional assistance. Thank you - Sally Jo and GARF technical support


Hello Everyone. 

We have changed web hosting companies. This will allow us more freedom to update the website and provide a more user-friendly experience. We are working on the issue of the error message on the front page. I do apologize for that error message. It is a scripting error and we are working to resolve the issue as fast as possible. Thank you - Sally Jo and GARF technical support


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purple acropora in Sally Jo's reef aquarium

Hi! This is Sally Jo Headlee, I am so excited, and humbled as to how much work is ahead of me to try and make our website more user-friendly, to share new projects, updates, and specials. I am finally rolling up my sleeves and putting my saltwater hands to work and bringing GARF's website back to all of our followers who have made us known throughout this incredible hobby.

Please bear with us, as we work on updating the website. All of the information on our site is so vitally important that is hard to figure out where to begin, so we have decided to keep all of the data, projects, and research on the site, get rid of the duplicate information, edit and continually share new products as well as projects as they come about. Come back and visit us often as you will see the new website unfolding.

I pledge to work as hard, as fast, and nonstop to learn all I can about updating the website.

I have so much to share, as the miracles of life Mother Nature blesses GARF with each day continue to unfold.

Meanwhile, we need for you to push these pay pal buttons to help support our efforts so that the treasure chest full of answers, and questions yet to be asked will continue to grow. The grunge, the rock, the bugs, the corals, the janitors, the mollies, the macroalgae, and so much more is still for sale to help support the upkeep, operational expenses, and mission of GARF

It is hard for us to believe that GARF was just a dream 19 years ago. We had no idea how far we would come, how many friends we would make, how many lives we would touch, nor how much research we would accomplish. The one thing however that we never forget is that we could never have come this far without each and every one of you.

With LeRoy's passing the journey has been long, difficult, saddened, and painful. I pinch myself every day and remind myself this is what LeRoy would want us to do. Strive to be the voice for these amazing animals, share information, and express the passion for our captive reefs. The goal line and our mission are what keeps us going no matter how hard the journey is.

The more people who learn about the reefs or how our lives are impacted by them the more chances we have to educate someone who can join our voices and do one simple thing to help sustain our wild reefs. When we roll up our sleeves and dust off the blue thumb we also take on huge responsibilities, for they need our daily care. Not only do we need to set aside the time to care for this magical resource we also have to set aside money in our monthly budget. We hope that when you set down and figure out your budget, you pay special attention to your reef tank, for they also need to be cleaned and nurtured so that the life that resides inside can keep growing.

I have to say that there has not been a time at GARF that we have found a tank that we could not bring back to its original beauty. Our snails and hermit crabs go through a very strict training program here and not one of them leaves before they have completed their courses. The hermits are busy dusting off the rock and picking at algae until you cannot see it. The snails go in and out and even under the rock, and they are by far the best glass and plastic cleaner ever. With the snails, what one will eat the other won't, because of sizes and shapes some of the snails can get into places the others cannot. We have selected packages for all tank problems as well as tank sizes. I cannot tell you how important it is to pick the right size package so that you get the results you are hoping for and can sit back and enjoy your tank and watch these amazing janitors do their job.

I hope you will consider adding our saltwater mollies. They are such a huge addition to our janitor packages. They never get tired and stay forever busy. All of our hermits and snails are 1.00 each, and at this time I am also offering my saltwater mollies at 1.00. If you order them with your janitors the shipping will remain the same. You can push the pay pal button that fits your size of the tank, or if you need guidance please email me, and I will be happy to assist.

I am working nonstop trying to learn how to make our site reflect the passion we have for the life that lives underwater. This past week has been extremely rewarding and overwhelming to me. Four clutches of angelfish have made it past egg and wiggler. They look like perfect miniatures of mommy and daddy. We shipped out our first test shipments to see how they would do in transport after taking in a huge breath of relief we are proud to report they all made it safely to their destinations. So if you are looking for any healthy, beautiful freshwater angles please let us know.

The Angelfish hatchery is a standing tribute to LeRoy for his passion was collecting and breeding the fish with the perfect name. I would watch LeRoy stand in front of the tanks and look at the angels. I could witness the calmness settle in and no one could wipe away the smile on his face, no matter how tough his day was going. Now I am found looking into the same angel's tank with tremendous yearning and wonderment as I reflect back on LeRoy's strength, kindness, brilliance, and compassion.

Soon there will be stories posted online sharing all of my daily encounters which always seem to bring new challenges, yet overwhelming compassion for these animals that trust us to find the answers to save their lives. This is when I vow to never give up for their need is much greater then my need and I am beyond grateful to be a voice for their care. GARF's ongoing mission is to reach all the people we can to teach them all that we can about the environment that sustains us. We can no longer take it for granted nor ignore its cry for help. For it was this very cry for help that compelled LeRoy and I to share every single research project we embarked on and pass it on to you with the clear message if I can do it so can you. I still cannot believe that I figured out how to code the web site so that I can manage it, sustain it, and update it.

Also if you want to follow all of the histories of GARF click on the dark purple line that signals the navigation page for GARF.org. Every adventure is shared in detail and explains how we have continued to accomplish every task encountered. Please visit the store titled welcome to garf.org your orders support our research click on the blue button and you will find the buttons for many of the products that we offer. I am working as hard and as fast as I can so that the store will be much easier to understand and use for it is your purchases that sustain us. Don't forget to hit one of our pay pal buttons for we need your support now more than ever. Brand new rock just arrived for our diversity packages, and it is breathtaking. If you have any room for live rock now is the time to click on those buttons and light them up :) Fantastic bugs, the best macro's, our famous grunge, and the most amazing live rock; I know I will make room.

Hello, this is Sally Jo. Please refresh this page to be certain you are seeing the newest page.

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